About exterior solutions

The photo above is of one of our fulfillment centers in Illinois in mid-February.

    Exterior Solutions is an innovative specialty electronic retailing company who supplies residential building products that improve the quality and performance of homes to the building, contracting, and consumer markets.  These products include exterior shutters, sunbursts & ellipticals, window headers, door surrounds, and accessories.  Exterior Solution’s industry leading technologies enhance the quality of consumer experience and add value to our services, while also reducing our impact on the environment.

    Our business is founded on the mission to provide high quality products, value added consumer experiences, and technological leadership.  We realize that every home is unique and every homeowner has their own taste, so we have made it simple for our customers to order custom solutions that fit their needs.  We also know that our products are not disposable and will be enjoyed by our customers for many years to come, so we never expect our customers to settle for anything other than the best.  While supplying the best quality products we also pride ourselves in serving our customers with the highest level of support.

    Centrally located in Illinois, we ship our high quality products to customers like you in the United States and Canada.  In order to make sure you receive your orders in the quickest possible manner we have set up fulfillment centers across the country that we are able to ship orders from. Our mission is to offer the highest quality exterior residential building products while providing exceptional customer experiences that save you time, energy, and money.